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Rhoda Donnelly, LCSW

Let's  work together to develop the positive, joyful, and successful life you desire.   

My 25+ years of experience have given me insight into helping you manage the things that overwhelm and burden you.  

I use solution-focused, future-driven, positive psychology to help you build the future you want.  

My expertise is in treating anxiety, grief, depression, suicidal thoughts, children with ADHD or behavior concerns, as well as parenting and family issues.  

I am also a certified Life Coach to help you meet your life goals, and a certified Hypnotherapist to help reduce anxiety and/or stop smoking.  

Pet Therapy

Jasmine is a sweet Jack Russell mix whom I rescued in 2010.  She earned her Courteous Canine Certificate from the AKC and enjoys sitting with anxious adults or children as they participate in therapy.  Jasmine also enjoys performing tricks for treats - a fun way to build a child's confidence.  Jasmine is available on a limited basis, so please ask for her in advance!

Location & Hours

I currently see only a handful of clients every other weekend.  

Please call or text me to see if I have availability at this time.

8455 W. Linebaugh Avenue

Citrus Park, FL  33625


Therapy offered

Family Counseling

Parenting, Discipline, Divorce, Communication, Arguing...

Individual Counseling

Anxiety, Grief, OCD, ADHD, Trauma, Abuse, Divorce, Phobias, Smoking Cessation, Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy.

Child Therapy

Play Therapy and Art Therapy to help kids cope with: ADHD, Behavior Problems, Divorce, Abuse, Trauma, PTSD, OCD, Phobias, and more.

links to RESOURCES

ADHD Help:

ADDitudeMag.com is a valuable website with articles and tips for dealing with various issues related to ADHD such as diet, school, medication, relationships, etc.  Click the link below to be directed to the ADDItudeMag website.  Sign up for the newsletter!



A Chill Drill is a 10-minute guided relaxation audio recording that trains your brain and body how to relax.  Practice makes perfect, so practice at least once a day to start.  Click the CHILL DRILLS link below, then search for "chill drill" in the "product" search field.  Listen to Drills 1 and 2 to learn the technique, then listen to at least one a day until symptoms subside.  Save your favorites to your phone's home screen for easy access (ask me for assistance).

Chill drills

Personal Peace Procedure:

Below is a link to another guided audio recording to help you find peace and prosperity.  It suggests that you use tapping along with it (see Tapping Technique resource).

personal peace

Tapping Technique

The Tapping Technique, also known as EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique, is another way to help link your mind and body to relieve stress and negative thoughts or patterns.


4 Steps to Break an Anxiety Attack

This is a link to an article by famed neurologist Dr. Daniel Amen.  The Daniel Plan website has many other insightful articles as well.

breaking an anxiety attack

Phone Apps

You are NOT ALONE in your search for peace and happiness.  There are many phone apps available to help with relaxation, meditation, and even to help relieve suicidal ideation:  Tactical Breather, Insight Timer, Breath2Relax, t2MoodTracker, Virtual Hope Box, and more.

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if you are interested in a Saturday morning session, please send me a message here...

Fees range from $80 - $120.

I also accept TriCare and BHS insurance.

Positive Counseling

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